Headshot: The Actor’s Session

Your Headshot: From being used as your first introduction to a casting agent, to the foundation of your online branding presence, the image you use for your headshot must not only look like you, but make a connection with the viewer. During our headshot session, we will run through the gamut of your expressions in search of that moment when you are the most you, and capture it.

How long is a session?

A full session runs 2-3 hours, with 3-4 wardrobe changes. We do not limit the number of images shot in a session.  We shoot till we get the shot! Sometimes things click, and we get great shots quickly; sometimes we need to shoot for a longer period of time.  Please don’t schedule anything immediately after the session so we aren’t rushing to get you out the door.

What should I wear?

We would like you to have a minimum of 6-8 options to choose from.  More is better!  You will likely only need blouses/shirts for your session.  It’s important to bring clothing you are comfortable wearing and aren’t too large or too small for your frame.  If you aren’t confident in it, it will show up in the image.  When selecting your options, try to stay away from busy patterns, distracting jewelry and or accessories like scarves, and shawls.  If you are unsure, bring it in.  It’s better to have the item with you than say “I should have brought it!”

What about hair and Makeup?

Be prepared to come in for your session as if you were going on an audition.  For women, make up should be clean and natural looking.  I do work with a trusted make-up artist who fully understands the nuances of makeup for headshots.  Her fee is $125.


Click Here to check out some of my recent actor headshot work.

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