“I never knew a headshot session could be so positive, fun, and stress free. Shooting with Joel with the assistance of makeup by Karla was the most effortless and enjoyable experience. Joel listened to every concern, embraced my vision, explained to me his process, and truly let me express myself and who I am in my shots. Joel is a professional in every aspect of the word. Our session was so fun, I want to shoot with him again!!! But truth is, Joel captured such excellent moments and pictures that I won’t need new headshots for a long time ” Rachel LaPorte, Actress- Chicago/New York

“I loved working with Joel! The session was relaxed but very professional at the same time, which is what I love! It was also awesome to be able to see how the photos were turning out during the shoot so we could see what could be changed while we were still shooting! That’s a huge difference between Joel and other photographers, because if there’s something you could be doing better, then it’s better to know before the shoot is over! Joel is so fun to work with and I’m extremely happy with how the photos turned out!” – Kellsey Forest, Actress/Model- Chicago

“I just had headshots done for my business website and other marketing materials. Joel was so helpful despite my inexperience. Definitely recommend him for professional shots.” Megan L. Mathias- Attorney- Chicago

“Professional in every way, but with just the appropriate and expected amount of creativity. I LOVED the studio as well as the experience. Joel’s experience in theater and dance revealed itself during the shoot. Who better to know what the industry looks for than someone IN the industry? What an experience!” Mae Flores- Actress- Chicago, Los Angeles

“Joel is an amazingly talented photographer in all his instructions, shoots, and photo-editing skills. I was impressed deeply by his portfolio, then his real work. It’s an incredible experience. I’m so glad that I found him to shoot my new LinkedIn profile picture. It’s really a big deal for me, and I highly recommend him.” – Samantha Z.- Northwestern Illinois University Grad.

“I had a fantastic shoot with Joel! Very professional, very smooth, very fun, and very relaxing! I am so pleased with all of my proofs, I’m going to have a hard time narrowing it down! I would suggest booking your session soon, he is definitely one of the best. ” Ricky Quintana, Actor- Chicago/New York

“An awesome experience! Joel Maisonet took the time needed to find my best facial features in order to capture the essential shot. His enthusiasm and passion for his work was reflected in each of my final photos. Not one to simply accept “good” results, Joel strives for your best, which is what you will receive.” Josue La Luz, Business Professional- Chicago

“I was lucky enough to work with Joel on my first set headshots. He was a very talented, professional, and friendly person to work with. He guided me through the whole experience and helped me find the confidence I needed to produce an amazing headshot. It is apparent that Joel has an abundance of knowledge about photography, and it shows up in his work. I definitely recommend him.” Jeremy Barret, Actor- Chicago

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